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Right Around the Corner

Wedding season is right around the corner and many brides-to-be are looking for some advice about making sure their invitations are going to get out in the mail in time. As a past bride and a current calligrapher, I have a few pieces of advice to keep you right on track.
  1. If you haven't started compiling your guests' most current addresses all in one spot start now while you still have a little time on your hands.
  2. Best place to get those all together at: your PC! Allowing for easy emailing to a calligrapher or printing up yourself to make forgetting someone a lot less likely. (Calligrapher secret #1, I cross out each person on my printed list as I go to make sure I didn't miss anyone.)
  3. Order stationary early and politely check up now and then that everything is on schedule!
  4. Give yourself more than enough time for addressing those envelopes. It is taxing for any seasoned calligrapher, let alone a novice bride. Then last thing you would want is to pull on all-nighter on account of your invitations! Save your energy for the Honeymoon.

I'm very excited for this year's season of bliss. I love to see all the ingenious ideas that come from the hearts of bride's across the nation and also those ridiculously talented event coordinators who pride themselves in making every event the dream that is Wedding. Congratulations and good luck to you all.

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