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The Beginning

How did I start in Calligraphy? I thought that would be the best topic to begin my blog with. My husband and I were married in July of 2007. As a fun project I thought that I would learn a pretty font to address my envelopes and escort cards with. Having always practiced new fonts, this was very easy. I practiced over and over the font "Radagund" and was soon able to produce a very like copy. I received lots of compliments from our family and friends, but thought nothing more of it besides an interesting ability and personal hobby. However, my older sister didn't think it the case. Being personally associated with the event planner of In Any Event, she felt it her personal responsibility to describe my abilities, however inaccurate they actually were, with deep affection and spirit. This began my relationship with Jodi Bos of In Any Event, who I am forever indebted to. For the last nine months I have been busily learning new fonts, driving to the post office three days in a row, addressing over 300 envelopes in record time, pulling almost all-nighters, and loving (almost) every minute of it. Am I a pro? I can't say that I am close yet. But I am developing a distinct personal style with every stoke of my pen. I believe that my work will speak for itself.

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