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Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.
— C.S. Lewis

Beautiful Things

Robyn Love fell into the wedding business by accident back in 2008, but there has been no accident about the manner in which she has built a reputation as not only a creative invitation designer and proficient calligrapher, but also one of the most highly sought after wedding map painters in the country.  Although she has the ability to customize to fit any need, Robyn's simply elegant letterpress designs appeal to the very top percentage of brides in search of the perfect, fairy tale wedding.


A Family Affair

Designs by Robyn Love wouldn't be possible without the magic that happens behind the scenes. While Robyn twirls her pen or paintbrush, the dashing Derrick is keeping the "machine" running. He is her saving grace daily, helping to calm the storms and keep her creative motors running. This husband and wife really make it a team effort, tackling business, parenting and life not perfectly but in union. Hoping to bring light to others lives through art, written word, and smiling hearts.


Style & Quality

Robyn is known for finding inspiration in the little things she sees around her, but bringing it to the industry in a fresh, innovative way. It is very important to her that the final product is cohesive, entrancing, and exceptionally crafted. All materials and processes are hand selected for their superior qualities.


100% Handmade

The quality of our products and services is expressed in that each design is created by Robyn herself. There are no stock images in our library. All patterns are hand painted. Each lettering project is poured over for hours. This guarantees you a one of a kind, just for you design. 

And if custom is maybe a little out of your range we do offer ready made artistic items that you can transform into perfection.


Giving Back

A minister's wife and mother of two perfect little cherub boys. I do what I do for the love of it, but also so my husband can work for the Lord, bringing light and hope to desperate hearts. If you are interested in knowing more about his ministry, or supporting our family and his mission please visit or email at

Top Five

  1. Green paper; Eco-friendly, recycled, sustainable. Design is important, but doing good design while taking care of our footprint as a business is key. Especially in the stationery market. Our favorite green paper is Cotton...pure white cotton is one of the top three sustainable resources to make paper out of. Read on to find out what else makes it stand out!

  2. Great paper; texture, color, layering. A great design brings in all three. Luscious layers of pillow soft cotton deeply pressed with glimmering gold foil and slipped into an envelope of elegant custom designed lines is heaven on earth. But it all starts with paper. We use many, many types of paper. And we love working with every client to find just the right pick. But we do not use every paper, because not every paper can bring both our eyes and fingers pleasure at the same time. But we have found a bunch that can!

  3. Local sustainability; we strive to help our community by providing jobs to people right here in our town. Also by sourcing supplies as close to home as possible. And especially picking domestic over import every chance we can get. And hand picking each company for their standards of product and business.

  4. Assembly; First impressions last forever. We believe that making yours perfect is our No. 1 goal and the final assembly process is full of checks to make sure that your first impression shines!
  5. Printing Fabulously; top notch printing is key to any good stationer. We provide a small percentage of our printing in-house. The remainder is sent to local specialty prints and one national offset printer. All of our printers are hand selected for their superior results. Nothing less than perfection. These printers + great paper = Designs by Robyn Love's amazing quality.

A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart.
— Henry Fielding

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