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Amy & Carlo

This week I was able to be of assistance to a couple who had some invitation problems and needed their envelopes addressed quicker than they could themselves. I (Designs by Robyn Love) came in to help them by using this beautiful font to create a memorable invitation envelope. The photo is a dark gold envelope with ivory ink. They turned out beautiful, but didn't photograph well in full color. The outer envelopes are ivory with dark gold ink. Look forward to some exciting photos of them.

One issue that did come up was color. The bride said gold paper and in my mind I thought yellow gold. But she meant dark gold and I realized I we needed to adjust ink colors when they finally came. Moral of the story: As a bride, you can never be too descriptive about what you want. And if you want to get exactly what you want, say exactly what you want down to every last detail (and don't hesitate to double check, us vendors appreciate the help in getting it right the first time around!). Good Luck Amy & Carlo!

R calligraphy


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