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Today is a very interesting day. I am in the process of getting my business name out to the world and networking to find just the right people that can make it all a little simpler. At the same time I am living. Living a life that does not revolve around a website or portfolio but rather around making baby Tristan smile, making deadlines, and getting dinner on the table. It all ends up looking like a balancing act and you all, my family, and God are my audience.
When it is all said and done, I like my life. I have an extremely, wonderful husband mostly to thank for that. Besides the fact that I know I can't do it all, it is fun to play mother, wife, and calligrapher. I just hope that every life that I affect thinks that I am doing an okay job of it all.
What exactly did I accomplish today? Well, I have been contacting a great woman named Kathleen from Plush Paper, a jazzy invitation company located in Metro-Detroit. She is going to help me create a business logo. So now I am on the hunt for some ideas of what I want. I also am working with In Any Event on an awesome event this week. I have been busy creating some beautiful calligraphy in the new font! Here is an escort card sample.

The colors for this event are spectacular. The light pink is shown here. Can't wait to show you some more photos! Check out the other great events I have been a part of in my portfolio!

R calligraphy


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