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Small Black and White Map

sarah colorado map.jpg
Stephanie Atlanta map final draft.jpg
sarah colorado map.jpg
Stephanie Atlanta map final draft.jpg

Small Black and White Map


A custom handpainted and lettered map of your wedding location is just the detail to get your guests talking! These fancy little creations are custom made for each event. Whether you want traditional, modern, romantic, vintage or rustic, this map will exude the very style of your wedding and get your guests pumped up for a one of a kind experience that is your wedding!


[ ] This listing is for the design fee only of a size SMALL WATERCOLOR MAP. 
See below for sizing info.

[ ] You will receive an email containing a digital copy of your completely custom map.

[ ] Prints sold separately


Maps are generally painted 1.5 times bigger than the print size and scaled down for use in printed stationery. So pick your map size based on the number of illustrations you have or whether you want a larger piece for display.

Small: up to 8.5 x 11 inches and 13 illustrations. 

Medium: up to 11 x 14 inches and 21 illustrations. 

Large: up to 12 x 18 inches and 28 illustrations.


1. CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY if your map is needed sooner than 12 weeks. (I am sometimes available to turn custom maps around in as short as 3 weeks, but only if you have checked with me before purchase as to my current availability)
2. Purchase this design fee listing and any coordinating print listings.
3. Download my client questionnaire, ( under process) fill it out in detail and email it to hello [!at]
4. I will contact you with any questions I have and discuss any questions you have about design.
5. Then I start designing! Which will take 3-10 days to sketch, paint and hand-letter, making sure everything dries fully between the steps and colors. I will send a photograph of your map in the sketch phase for you to look over the layout before I move on to the painting step. All layout changes need to be made at this point to avoid editing fees later. After I get your feedback, I will complete the painting and calligraphy. Then I will send you the final scan.
6. You will get to look over the digital scan of your map and let me know if you would like anything different. 
7. I will digitally touch up any changes you want to make. Additions at this point will incur fees, but can be done. 
8. You will receive the final piece in the format that you need to print it (ie jpeg, pdf, tiff) and if you order prints, they will be processed and shipped.

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