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Looking Back::Event One

I thought it would be interesting to give some highlights to the events that I have done this year and descibe the photos to help my readers get to know my history a little bit. My first big event was last June...the 21st. It was a 50th birthday summer solstice! And the colors reflected just that. Orange. Yellow. Grass Green. In Any Event threw a wonderful glad that my calligraphy got to be a part of it!

I learned a brand new font for this event...I call it Eleanor. It is fun and whimsical. The client thought it matched the invitation font great.

I had a great time making the labels for these escort candles. Each guest got to take one home with their name written with swoops galore.

Adorning the tables was my sweet little place cards...with fancy y's!Check out the beautiful flowers!!!

I was able to try out one of these silk chair eight months pregnant I thought they were really nice!A view of the finished room...My college friend Ryan Prins takes beautiful photographs doesn't he!

I didn't get to see this cake in person...but wow. I just needed to share it. Don't you think it is beautiful! Stay tuned for some other beautiful events...and fun calligraphy for the calligraphy lover in you.

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