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Calligraphy and Watercolor Family Map

Designs by Robyn Love has been receiving loads of requested for Watercolor Maps to be used as special, personalized gifts. Watercolor maps can show many journeys and locations. Many of my clients use them for weddings, birthdays, love story's, a travel journey, vacation route, life journeys, and more!

This map is one of my favorites. It is the family story of the Bells. The father commissioned me to design this oversized map (24 x 14") for his bride of many years. It was a surprise to be framed and hung in the den. The style was vintage Americana. And it was to depict all the families favorite places, past times, and previous homesteads! It really captured family memories and is a wonder idea for a gift.

Baby Boy

I haven't shared any photos of our adorable baby boy with you, since this blog isn't for family life but I thought that all of you would enjoy to see his smiling face. His name is Tristan and he is 7 months old today. We took these photos on our vacation in California at Laguna Beach. Below is my amazing husband Derrick and me with the little guy. He is such a joy and yes he is always this photogenic.

R calligraphy


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