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Envelope Addressing Etiquette for Outer Envelope Only Invitations

Many brides are opting for a less formal invitation, for very good reasons, too. They are saving paper and money by choosing folder or enveloped invitations which don't require an inner envelope. Or they are just saying no to the inner envelope completely creating a laid back style that is fresh and new.

What happens with fresh and new is that there are not many resources to help us use proper etiquette to address the envelopes to our loved ones. Don't fear. I have compiled a useful guide that gives you options, choose the one that fits your wedding best. But be certain that you are addressing in a way that includes everyone, including children. Yet still gives your wedding the style you want it to have. This guide will be a two part post to help keep it short for those looking for something in particular.

The first post includes standard outer envelopes with only adults.

Traditionally, envelopes are addressed this way:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
1234 Main Street
Anytown, Michigan 4444

Although some brides want it to be more personal. They would write the names informally this way, but only if there is no inner envelope and you don't want it to be formal:

John and Nancy Smith
1234 Main Street
Anytown, Michigan 4444

If you are addressing envelopes to an unmarried couple living together (I also included the proper way to write out an apartment):

Mr. John Smith
Ms. Nancy Smith
1234 Main Street
Apartment 345
Anytown, Michigan 4444

If the husband is a doctor:

Doctor and Mrs. John Smith
1234 Joy Lane
Anytown, Michigan 4444

If the wife is a doctor:

Doctor Nancy Smith and Mr. John Smith
1234 Blue Boulevard
Anytown, Michigan 4444

If they are both doctors:

The Doctors Smith
1234 Main Street
Anytown, Michigan 4444

These rules are the same for outer envelopes with inner envelopes...the next post will highlight things that change!!!

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