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Step by Step Process

1.  Contact me for an estimate for you Invitation order. Use the form Here.

2.  We will get back with a quote as soon as possible. While you are waiting work on perfecting your wording for your invitation pieces and arranging your guest list. Check out for samples of invitation wording, response card wording and envelope etiquette. Emily Post has been the definitive source on etiquette for generations of Americans. So if you have any questions on the right way to do things, Emily Post is your lady!

3.    You will receive an email containing a link to your estimate, a contract and one way to pay, by credit card via our luxury booking site Honeybook. We also except Check, Paypal and Credit Card. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before time is set aside on my calendar or any designing takes place. 

4.  Pay for that Deposit!! 

5.  Designing will begin after your wording is submitted. You will need to download my Client Questionnaire, insert your wording and answer some general questions, and email it back to us. All wording needs to be finalized before artwork is begun. Changes in wording after artwork has been started will incur fees ($80/hr in extra duty fees). The nature of calligraphy makes it time consuming to make even the slightest of changes! So get it right the first time by proofreading everything with as many sets of eyes as possible.

6.  If you will be needing envelope addressing, be sure to pop over to this page to keep on track with that! 
7.  I will look over your wording and call if I have any questions or concerns.

8.  Next is design time! I painstakingly write out every word by hand with my dainty pointed pen and paint every pattern and landscape to your decree. Then the design is digitalized into a file to be printed as your invitation. I will email over digital drafts for you to see everything. 

10.  Take a good look at these drafts. We will go back and forth until everything is just perfect. We do not have a maximum number of draft rounds, but know that: 1. making small changes over and over pushes back your print date and due date.  2. you cannot change your direction entirely

I will finish your project before the date agreed upon. I will mail the completed project back to you (remember you pay all shipping costs) after I have received the final payment. There you have your Captivating Calligraphy!

blush pink calligraphy wedding invitation

Important Facts

-Invitations should be booked 6-8 weeks before your deadline for mailing, even farther out if you are getting custom painted artwork, a map or need time for addressing them yourself.

-There is a 25% rush fee for all invitation orders having a timeline of less than 4 weeks.

Less Than:

5 Weeks = 25% rush fee

4 Weeks = 40% rush fee

3 Weeks = 60% rush fee

-You are responsible for sending me an updated full Client Questionnaire anytime you make changes to design, quantity, wording or any other detail. I am not responsible for changes sent in an email, as they are too hard to keep track of.

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