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There are so many different types of artwork that I offer: digital names, tattoos, monograms, business illustrations, etc. They all are very different in specifics but generally this is how the timeline and process goes! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have an additional question.

Artwork Ordering Timeline

Artwork can be a very quick process (2-3 days) or a long one (weeks) depending on the below reasons, so I am unable to give exact timelines:

1. whether you know what you are looking for before we begin and have a VERY clear sense of style that you can relate to me and choose from the options given
2. how quickly you get back to me when I email over drafts. If you take more than a few minutes or hours, your folder gets put back in the shuffle of orders as I wait on your response. Then I get working on something else. Plus if you are one of those people that take like 5 days to return emails always, then that will greatly increase the timeline.
3. my work load. If I have a large wedding project with a deadline that is overlapping in any way, which is very likely since my work is highly sought after, it can delay the time between drafts.

How it works

1. Purchase a listing if it is a general artwork like logos, addresses or tattoos that are just in the shop. If you have a complex order that needs a custom listing please contact me via email or contact form with:
        - all the pieces that you need
        - due date needed by
Then I will make you a custom listing to purchase.

2. Send me an email with all directions you have for me on what you are looking for, including what style and font, what feel you are going for, inspiration photos, links to my other artwork that you like, and written descripions. I will call to discuss details if I have any questions or I will just get started.

4. You will recieve your first draft vie email. Look it over and email me back exactly what you would like changed (you won't hurt my feelings, so be honest). It is usually easiest to send me a numerical list of any changes or ideas that you have so I can quickly understand each different area that you want changed, without missing any.
   Sometimes we will need to piece together the artwork, so just let me know if you like the "k" in the one, but the "y" in that one!

5. I will make changes as many times as we need to til we have a perfect product. Then I will send you a final draft as a 600dpi (high resolution) jpeg or tiff (other files, except vector, available upon request). This file is all touched up and ready to print!!

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