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Understand Calligraphy Maps

  • Before a map can start to take shape you will need to decide what "size" you would like. Each type of map comes in Small, Medium, Large and Custom. The prices for these are in the Map Shop.
  • Even though you might want to print your map at 5 x 7, the smallest you will want to go with the initial size is small. Then each size above that gives you more space to add in additional illustrations.
  • Once you have figured out what size you would like, then you will want to scroll down the page for the step by step process. 
Amy Map draft two.jpg

Here is the breakdown for each size:

Small: up to 8.5 x 11 inches. Up to 13 illustrations.

Medium: up to 11 x 14 inches. Up to 21 illustrations.

Large: up to 12 x 18 inches. Up to 28 illustrations.

seaside florida watercolor wedding map calligraphy

5 x 7 inch Cotton Map Print Pricing*

Our Standard Cardstock (92 lb) - $1.00 each

Our Thick Cardstock (118 lb) - $2.25 each

Our Double Thick Cardstock (184 lb) - $3.60 each

Coordinating Envelopes -  $0.50 each

*For a Double Sided Print.

Step by Step Process

1. Contact me by phone, e-mail, or contact form about your date and I can determine my availability for your event. Maps can be booked at any time before you would like them completed but to guarantee that I will be available you should booked approximately 6-10 weeks before your deadline and even farther out if you are getting custom printed booklets or envelope liners so there is time to order paper. There is a 25% rush fee for all maps ordered having a timeline of less than 2 weeks.

2. Please fill out the client questionnaire, located on the process page, containing simple questions about your event and stationery needs to help me serve you better and provide a more accurate estimate. Please send it along in an email to . (You are responsible for sending me an updated questionnaire anytime you make changes. I am not responsible for changes sent in an email, as they are too hard to keep track of.) The map section is very complex. Please read it very carefully and answer it in as much detail as possible. The final product depends on your execution in expressing through words the style you want and also researching as many photos as you can of the location. If there is something on the questionnaire that you have no preference about, it is totally fine to leave that question blank.

3. From the answers on your questionnaire, I will be able to send you an estimated invoice stating the detailed costs of my services from what has been decided upon up until that point. If you are only ordering a simple digital map or prints, just go and purchase those items in the shop. A map design fee includes the digital image of a hand lettered and/or painted map. This map is yours to print as many times as you wish and on whatever you wish. But it may not be sold in any manner. 
4. The full map design fee is due to set aside time on my calendar for the 3 day process. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for prints, etc. Payments can be made via check, PayPal or credit card.

5. I will schedule your map in the first available spot on my calendar. I will contact you to let you know how many maps are ahead of you in the que and approximately how long I expect it will take. The map will only be worked on during the designated design time. Don't be surprised if you do not hear from me in the time between when you book and when you are scheduled. I am just giving my full attention to the orders that are currently due. I will be sure though that any paper needed is being ordered during this time between your payment and the actual design time.

5. Once it is your scheduled time, I will look over your Questionnaire in detail and call if I have any questions or concerns. I will sketch, paint and then calligraphy your map in the 3 days of the design process, taking care that the paint dries fully between layers. Be sure to tell me in your questionnaire which of my font styles you want for the calligraphy lettering stage. They are viewed on the Fonts page.

6. Once I am finished designing and the map is fully dried. I will digitize it into the size and type of file that you ask for in your questionnaire. Then I will email it to you to look over. Please take your time to make a numbered list of any changes that you would like to see. Remember adding anything to the map after the design is finished that wasn't on the original questionnaire will incur fees, generally $25 per location, or $10 for small items.

7. All changes requested will be made and sent it back to you for review. Once you give me your approval, I will email over the final draft. If you want prints, they will be printed now, only after your approval and the arrival of your final payment.

8. Any prints purchased will be mailed to you via the chosen method.

9. When you get your calligraphy, make sure to double check for any mistakes right away. If the mistake is mine, I will redo free of cost. If the mistake is yours, it will cost the original price to reprint.

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