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The color palette yes. I do not do "drafts" because of the way the sketch does not include any of the lettering and then the watercolor stage is still hard to "understand". It isn't until the lettering and outlines are on that you can really tell what everything is.

I do take photos and can text them to you as I go along. It just really breaks up my schedule if I have to wait for an "okay" between stages to proceed. BUT I do guarantee that you will love it in the end.

if you are very concerned about the layout. my suggestion is trying to sketch it out yourself. Or you can pay an extra $45 and I can give you a pen draft where I write everything out with basic stick figure artwork.


     How long will it take to complete my order?

Please order invitations 6 - 8 weeks before you want them shipped to you.

All other products please refer to the Process page.

Payment & Shipping

     Do You Ship Internationnally?

Yes! Designs by Robyn Love works with clients around the globe via UPS shipping with shipment tracking. It can't be easier than this! No matter whether you are in the UK, Austrailia or the smallest island in the middle of the Pacific, I would be delighted to work with you!

    How Do I Place An Order?

Please visit the "Process" tab on the top. Each different product has a very different process. Everything is spelled out there for you!

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Designs by Robyn Love is very concerned about your privacy. Please know that if you are paying by check, the utmost care is taken to ensure your privacy and security. And all payments made by credit card are through Paypal, the safest way to pay! For no reason will your information be shared with a third party.

Returns & Refunds

Quality is the upper most concern of my company. Your satisfaction is key. At the same time I strive to provide the excellence my clients want as well as the personal touch that is custom work. In order for these things to co-exist I have established a proof system.




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